Smith & Nephew Expert Connect Centre, Croxley Park, UK

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septiembre 4, 2018 - septiembre 5, 2018

Sports Knee Curriculum 2018- Soft Tissue 3 - ACL Revision Course


The ACL revision course is a fun, stimulating and hands on cadaveric course that is delivered by a faculty of high volume soft tissue knee revision surgeons, with an established track record in training and education.  Delegates are experienced soft tissue knee surgeons with established primary ACL practices, and wishing to progress to revision ACL surgery. Delegates will be equipped with the clinical decision making and surgical skills necessary for them to become accomplished and advanced ACL revision surgeons. 

Participant profile:
Consultants who perform minimum 20 ACLS a year.

Mr Andrew Davies  (UK)
Mr Adil Ajuied (UK)

Registration / Further Information
(Please note: course fees to be paid by the participating surgeon)